Elevate your Amelia Island Golf Cart Rental Experience with our enhanced features!! Glide in comfort on quilted seats and sleek 14″ custom wheels, steering with finesse using a personalized wheel. Keep track with a digital voltmeter and speedometer, while USB ports ensure convenient device charging. The extended roof offers extra shade, and our robust aluminum frame guarantees durability.


Safety takes precedence with our street-legal golf cart kit, a core focus at Amelia Island Golf Cart Rentals. All our rentals are street legal and equipped with adjustable mirrors, turn signal blinkers, seatbelts for all 6 passengers, and hydraulic 4-wheel disc brakes. Enjoy ample storage with a flip-down backseat trunk and cupholders. Powered by a 5kw motor with an onboard charger, your journey blends style with robust performance.

2 passenger golf cart rental amelia island

2 Person Golf Cart Rental

Explore Amelia Island hassle-free with our dependable Amelia Island Golf Cart Rentals. Perfect for two passengers, these reliable golf cart rentals offer an impressive 30-mile range on a single charge and reach speeds of around 25 miles per hour. Embrace eco-friendly travel, effortlessly navigate your surroundings, and bid farewell to traffic woes. Enjoy leisurely exploration with these versatile, environmentally conscious and gloriously decorated golf carts.

4 Person Golf Cart Rental

Experience sheer convenience during your Amelia Island escape with Amelia Island Golf Cart Rentals. Our luxurious carts, accommodating up to four passengers in comfort, offer an impressive 30-mile range on a single charge. Cruise at an average speed of 25 miles per hour, effortlessly exploring the island in eco-friendly style. Bid farewell to traffic woes and immerse yourself in hassle-free, eco-conscious exploration, reveling in the ease and versatility of our lavish golf carts.

6 seater

Indulge in unparalleled convenience on your Amelia Island retreat with Amelia Island Golf Cart Rentals. Our roomy rentals comfortably seat up to six passengers, boasting an impressive 30-mile range per charge. Cruise at an average 25 miles per hour, effortlessly discovering the Island while championing eco-friendly travel. Bid adieu to traffic snarls and immerse yourself in stress-free, eco-conscious exploration aboard our versatile golf carts, ensuring an unforgettable experience where convenience meets sustainability.


Discover seamless navigation for your site or event with Amelia Island Golf Cart Rentals. Our sturdy vehicles cater comfortably to two passengers, boasting a 30-mile range on a single charge. Safely maneuver at an average of 25 miles per hour, ensuring efficient traversal of your surroundings. Find the ideal blend of speed and security, providing convenient mobility for your site or event. Count on these golf carts for reliable and efficient transportation, delivering a perfect balance between safety and convenience.

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